Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Will Tomorrow Bring: Black Ink for Everyone!

Putting my conspiracist hat on...

Isn't RTC2 (aka TARP) shaping up like a back-door SWF ... only on borrowed money, since that's the new American way?
Aww, you shouldn't have. I always wanted the US to have a SWF! And this one's a bee-ute!

Perhaps this is just a big surprise present to future generations ... kinda like how High School seniors give the school a parting gift before graduation. Just think ... Paulson, in all his wisdom, and with his near-zero cost of capital, buys up major chunks of US assets.

He lets them ripen.

He sells them for twice the purchase price. He pays off the national debt, puts Social Security on sound footing, and even has left-overs for Obama's gazillion-dollar social and healthcare programs.

Merry Christmas, 2058!

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