Monday, September 08, 2008

Buy!/Sell! #4: Macro Sports Bets


+ NHL going global with expansion leagues worldwide, starting with a huge play in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. If they really get crazy, they might let these guys compete for the Stanley Cup.

+ NFL going on the road (domestically) by having teams play at least one game per regular season in a neutral US or Canadian city, particularly those without their own team. The trick is for the NFL marketing eggheads to figure out combos of (team A + team B + city demographics) would yield the most excitement and thus revenues. Here's just a few random ideas:

  • Pats v Raiders game in Tempe, catering to all the ex-SoCalites now in AZ
  • Bengals v Indy in LA ... Cali kid back home to whip the demi-god
  • Dolphins v anybody on Long Island, NY
  • Jets v 49ers in Las Vegas
  • Broncos v anybody in Austin TX
+ Sponsorship bidding wars for blue-collar, squeaky-clean, photogenic Joey Logano (youngest winner in NASCAR history).

+ Knowshon Moreno (Georgia tailback) as the dark horse Heisman candidate

+ Rugby as the next high school lacrosse

- MLB ... unless they make it a timed game

- Regular-season NHL games ... jeez louise, does ANYbody watch games before the playoffs?

- Raiders (until they can find proper discipline)

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