Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Follow Up: Dream Team?

My hope and prediction back in February was that John McCain would be the Republican nominee (a pretty safe bet even then) and that he would choose Joe Lieberman as his VP. Even then, it was clear that Joe was his running mate de facto. Clearly, John would have been most comfortable with Joe at his right hand for the next 4 years. That has not changed, yet it appears that the ninny nanny social conservative Faith arm of the party found enough leverage (read: blackmail) to push Joe out in favor of someone who walks their talk (we think, fingers crossed)...

It is the tragedy of partisan politics that those in charge focus solely on differences. Joe is, after all, pro-military, pro-security, pro-Israel, pro-limited government, pro-agressive foreign policy. He's highly experienced. He is as pious about his religion as the Evangelicals are about theirs. He's as morally squeeky clean as they all wish they were. In fact, I fully believe that's why John loves having him around: they're peas and carrots ... or maybe Batman and Alfred. Two birds of a feather deep down who have developed a personal relationship and trust that supercedes philosophical differences.

More tactically, he would just might have tipped the balance in certain eastern states.

I'll give Palin the benefit of the doubt. That's all I can muster so far. Listening to Joe tonight at the Republican convention, he said all the right supportive things, but what I heard was a concession speech. And that made me sad.

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