Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let's Play Interact! Part 2: The Answer

If you're reading this blog and haven't read Part 1, STOP NOW and check it out first.

If you've already played: thank you! I promise the answer key is shorter than the questions. In fact, it's one word long. The word is nothing. In each case, the most likely response was for people to simply go on about their business, pretending as though nothing had happened. The Earth continued to revolve around the sun. No harm done. No time "wasted" from their busy schedules. No shame felt. But an ounce of civility was squandered. No connections made. No lives improved. No needs met.

Predictable: perhaps.
Pessimistic: probably.

What would you have done?
Honestly, now.

Sure, some people, some times will go out of their way. Here's my call to arms: we, who consider ourselves the cutting edge of civilization need to turn that "some" into "most." Individually.

Yes, individually.

Let's not let the nanny politicians try to legislate ethics on us. Let's beat 'em to the punch and follow the Nike doctrine: Just Do It.

I don't mean to belittle any fragile me-generation egos out there, but unless you're carrying a heart in an ice chest, prevnting a plane from crashing, or sniping a suicide bomber, you DO have sixty seconds to stop what you're doing and care for your fellow human. Not all of them at once; don't emotionally bankrupt yourself tilting at windmills.

If everyone simply reached out to the person to the right and the person to the left of you, we'd have twice the helping hands we'd need. Call me a socialist euphorist idealist. My response to that was published a few days ago in my blog Shout Out to the Individual.

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