Saturday, September 06, 2008

Follow Up #2: Yeah, what HE Said!

Well, ya lose some, ya win some:

North Korea has fallen off the wagon again. The dumb shits are starting to re-build the same Yongbyon reactor they blew up with much fanfare three months ago. See for yourself here and here.

the Elton John of Islam, Mummar Gaddafi, the man whose first act as leader of Libya was to rename all the months ... the man who NNDB calls "A dictator known as much for sponsoring international terrorism as his impeccable fashion sense" ... the man who Reagan called "Mad Dog" ... the man who calls himself the "brother leader" in his own personal blog ... the man who really DOES have FemmeBots ... the man who flys with his camel ... has now decided to hold hands with the Great Satan and extoll the virtues of freedom, markets, and democracy:

[Libya] must reformulate itself in a new, free, and democratic way ... As long as money is administered by a government body, there would be theft and corruption ... You always accuse the popular committees of corruption and poor management ... These complaints will never end ... So everyone have their share [of oil revenues] in their pockets and manage.
Read all about it here.

Photo Credits: Reuters

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