Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Follow Up #5: You've Heard of the Illuminati ...

Look what has grown new legs and crawled out of the "this one just won't die!" file ...

I originally asserted here that the Illuminati did, indeed, exist, just not in the way most of us pictured. I pointed to insurance companies as the voracious gobblers of any ole stinky (um, I mean toxic?) asset that one might want to offload:

"one thing I've learned: if you have an asset to sell, they're buying. If you
need an asset, they have it...

They only rely on risk math when it agrees with their preconceived notions and personal preferences. The sheer magnitude of their assets (and liabilities?) allows them to mask, ignore, and walk away from huge screw-ups. Certainly a 'Black Monday' or two might cause some of them to crash and burn, but the more likely risk is that someone will realize the Emperor really isn't wearing anything. This will lead to inquest and meltdown. In the end, some politician will have the bright idea of creating an FIIC (Federal Insurance Insurance Corporation) to ensure that "no American ever has to fear not getting his insurance payout."

Fear these guys, not because they're big and powerful -- or because they're old, white, and male -- but because they are careless with YOUR money and if they fall, they fall hard."

Ahem. I told ya so. I'm just sayin'.

As I blogged here, the illuminati story came back around with a new twist: in a WSJ poll, a majority of readers advocated the idea of Goldman taking over the Federal government. Mind you the poll was from July '08 ... Oh, what a difference a few months make.

Well, then recently Matthew Malone updated the evidence in a Portfolio Magazine piece. The WSJ this week declared that readers had gotten what they asked for. They upped the ante by proposing a mini-series-of-horror to prove that Goldman is, indeed, Illuminati:

Scene 1. American government is now run by the 'Goldman Conspiracy'
Scene 2. Huge conflicts motivating Wall Street's 'Trojan Horse'
Scene 3. Wall Street's 'quiet coup' also runs world's banking system
Scene 4. Wall Street used the meltdown to take over America's government
... yadda yadda ... oy vey!

Do I believe it? I'm not telling. I don't wanna end up like this.

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