Friday, July 25, 2008

Buy!/Sell! #2: Energy

Merging my WWTB series on Energy with my new series on prediction market model portfolios, here's my recommendation on a few upcoming (or envisioned) technologies:

+ Direct Heat Solar
+ Smart Grids with minute-by-minute moving-avereaged demand-based pricing.
+ Instant-On Electronics
+ Nuke power in cold/distant locales with ultra-long distance DC transmission lines (DC grid:
+ Natural Gas Cars, especially for fleet vehicles (maybe evenhydrides?) (watch for a tax credit)
+ Sugar Ethanol in the US (HUGE risk: rainforest decimation)
+ Tesla Autombiles go mass market
+ Drive toward closed-system energy recycling
+ Geothermal

- Photovoltaic Solar (too much is lost in translation)
- Corn Ethanol
- Carbon Sequestration (to much volume and no end-game)

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