Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Isn't A Child's Game, Folks, but it Ain't Rocket Science

Surprise surprise a bloated, non-functioning, politically-motivated organization run by a revolving-door president is ineffective.

And I'm talking about the White House.

"The U.S. government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the Christmas Day attack, but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots,"
Barack Obama criticises CIA failures over Detroit bomb plot

Obama's own report, as paraphrased by, said:

They said that the biggest US crisis in intelligence-gathering since 9/11 had
been brought about mainly because no single agency is in charge, with a dozen agencies fighting for their own turf.

Gee, last time we blew the dots game, I was just sure Washington would fix it:

A key congressional committee opened its investigation Thursday into the November 5 Fort Hood shootings with a pledge to find out if authorities failed to "connect the dots" and could have prevented the attack.
Senate panel seeks to 'connect the dots'

Must have gotten lost somewhere in the bureaucrazy. But that's OK, because the problem should have already been fixed. We realized we sucked at dot connection years ago and did something about it:

It is said that prior to the attacks of September 11th, our government failed to connect the dots of the conspiracy ... So to prevent another attack – based on authority given to me by the Constitution and by statute – I have authorized a terrorist surveillance program.
George Bush, 2006 State of the Union address

Maybe that, too, got drowned in bureaucrazy. Kinda like THIS one way back in 2002:

The Department of Homeland Security consolidates 22 agencies and 180,000
employees, unifying once-fragmented Federal functions in a single agency
dedicated to protecting America from terrorism

But back to the dot-connection game currently at hand. Last I checked, you had to have a visa to get on a plane to the US. Funny, I thought the State Department issued Visas into the US. I agree with Hill on this one:

We are, in the State Department, fully committed to accepting our responsibility for the mistakes that were made
Secretary of State Clinton on plane bomb blame

But, wait, we fixed visa procedures with THIS back in 2008:

The Visa Security Program was established in the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to increase the security of the visa process at U.S. embassies and consulates. The program enhances national security by preventing terrorists, criminals, and other ineligible applicants from receiving visas ... The program assigns experienced special agents to Visa Security Units overseas to review visa applications, initiate investigations, and provide advice and training to consular officers. Agents bring valuable resources to posts and add a layer of security to the visa process

No, wait, that one got lost in bureaucrazy too.

When the cause of failure is bureaucrazy, how can we keep expecting that bureaucrazy to fix it? Maybe more childish games should be part of the Civil Service Exam. Or maybe we'd be better at a different game. Tic-tac-toe, anyone?

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."-Albert Einstein

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