Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow Up: Baseless Blames and Bangless Bucks ... oh, and Healthcare

Exactly 6 months ago on this blog, I said:

"David Axelrod, himself, said this week there was universal agreement on 80% of their ideas. Sounds like enough for a plan to me. Let's pass it and start to get at least a little relief. Would we delay a heart bypass in the ER until everyone had agreed what to do about the patient's high cholesterol? Of course not. That is not to suggest we should choose Band-Aid surgery over treating the insidious underlying problems. Its just a sensible triage. Nurse?"
Maybe the White House is finally listening:

"Mr Obama has instead hinted that he would like to build support for a bill “around those elements of the package that people agree on.” - Economist.com, 1/26/10

Sadly, the same article continues ...

"It is not clear what other elements the president believes could be agreed on."

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