Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion in North America

Between work and play, I've spent an inordinate amount of time on the road lately.

In my business, you're in front of new people every day. The way you connect (or don't) in the very first few augenblicks pretty much locks in your relationship, and consequently how much trust and attention they allow you ... and consequently how successful you are in the long run. To say it bluntly, if they think you're "cool," they want more of you. Sadly, it's just as grade-shool playground as that.

Sitting in a sardine can hurdling through space this week, I got to thinking about what's cool or fashionable in the places I've been lately ... stewed down to a single word:

Montreal :fashionably preened
Toronto: fashionably concerned
SF: fashionably superior
Seattle: fashionably ambiguous
DC: fashionably frumpy
LA: fashionably connected
Vail: fashionably chill
NY: fashionably rushed

Just stereotypes of the images people project, of course. In reality, everyone just wants to get laid.

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