Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lesser of Two Evils

Morgan Tsvangirai is no stranger to jails, nor threats. Perhaps he had finally got in over his head. Perhaps he couldn't take anymore. Without question, he did not choose his calling. Did not want it. No one would. He was chosen by fate. He was carried on a tide of a million unanticipated events into a position as the only viable alternative to Zimbabwe's current monster. To carry that torch for this long, only to extinguish it at the last moment nearly smacks of conspiracy. What better way for Mugabe to ensure victory than to stage a tight, energetic race only to have his only opponent step down at the last moment, too late for anyone else to step in and challenge his tyranical rule?

Mugabe should rot slowly and painfully in hell for what he has done to the country and people of Zimbabwe.

I recognize that most of the Starbucks-sipping world has been numbed to the human tragedy of violence by Hollywood and distracted from true crises by CNN (they should be ashamed of devoting even a second of airtime to the ridiculous "pregnancy pact"!) I know most prefer enemy-less wars and pain-less struggles. Africa is not for those people. Zimbabwe is a truly inconvenient truth. They should not look at what happens when the verneer of civilization is chipped away and raw, desperate, animalistic instinct takes over.


To become a hero in Africa requires that people fight on that level. I don't mean civil war. I don't mean humanitarian atrocities. Nor childish Israel/Gaza-style tit-for-tat. I mean that the fight is going to be ugly. I mean that temporary pain must be endured to find long-term salvation. I mean that when opportunities come, they must be taken. I, unfortunately, mean that the means must be justified by their ends alone. People must be inspired. Courage must be found.

It appears Morgan Tsvangirai is no Benazir Bhutto.

Video credit: Times Online / timesonline.co.uk

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