Thursday, June 05, 2008

Follow Up: Yo Burma ... I mean China ... Err Russia ...

An artcle in the NY Times yesterday called attention to yet more evidence of Putin's paranoia/control psychosis. In fact, they have a whole series dedicated to it. Robert Amsterdam's blog is another good source. At the risk of having his occipital-lobe-less goons poison me in London ... I think it's safe to say Sun Tzu would call him STUPID.

Dr. Evil and Mini-me would be proud of the cast of clinically (crimnally?) insane characters who have weaseled their way into positions of worldly power in a sad attempt to assuage their freakishly large inferiority complexes. I'd list 'em out for you, but I have a better idea... and, no, I'm not being paid for this celebrity endorsement.

If Survivor is not sensational enough for you, I highly recommend tuning into the reality competition blog Evil Leaders League which pits these nuts against each other weekly in head-to-head cage fight style tests of evilness. The genius of the blog is in the judges' color commentary (I like "An opposition boycott to an election is the evil leader's version of an orgasm" and "Tehran-i-saurus Rex"). Weekly winners get points, which are tallied throughout the season. Competition gets hot-and-heavy in the playoffs and then there is the scintillating final cage fight death match.

We're currently in the off-season, which is the perfect time to catch up ADHD-style on seasons 1 through 3. They have a Highlights page ... but their most priceless work is in their photo galleries (check out "sexy Putin").

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