Sunday, August 07, 2011

Time for Timmy to Take a Page from the Dick Nixon Book

Three months ago, on April 19, Timmy G flashed that charming nose-flair and scowl as he proclaimed "no risk" of credit rating downgrade. With a Treasury Secretary like that, who needs enemies?

That incredible foresight has created quite a bank of political capital and immense credibility for Timmy. Knowing that his fatherly tone alone can instill confidence in the most dubious heart, he decided today to leverage a bit of his capital, saying, in effect, 'trust me - China will continue to support borrowing habit.' No need to get our fiscal houses in order. That's just too hard. Too confusing. Too complicated for the average dumb voter. Better to just distract everyone by attacking the ratings agencies ... for ... um ... our fiscal mess?

Also based on his incredible Volcker-like, Lula-like track record of securing our country's fiscal future, he shared some friendly advice with his colleagues in Europe, admonishing those pre-pubescent countries to make sure they don't spend more than they make. If only they were as fiscally responsible as we are. If only they were lead by such world-class minds as we.

Investors are expressing their immense appreciation for Timmy's FDR fireside chat moment by voting with their feet ... from equities, debt, swaps, and even energy straight into gold.

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