Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Newspeak

Years ago, as a consultant, I decided I would get the industry to start using the word "crisp" .... like a clean white shirt ... like a Monday morning ... with a colon.

Well, clients I've never met now say we need to be crisp and I secretly high-five my 2-year-ago self.

What could I possibly do to top that?

Here's my next 2-fer-1:

Shepherd (v) - Take responsibility for a "flock" (=set of business goals) and see it safely home to successful accomplishment ... and then butcher it and eat it with mint sauce at the last minute.
Nimble (v) - Not just agile. Not just quick-to-market. Not just flexible. All of that an more. Nimble like Jack Be Quick ... jumping over the candlestick ... not getting burned or even setting his underpants on fire. The ability to move quickly and change directions nearly instantly without losing the beat. Even if you're a hippo in a tutu. Nimble is the new grail of business.

Bingo ... Corporate Newspeak just got two new toys.

Mark my words - they're coming soon to a cube farm near you.

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