Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Could Drive a Man to Rhyme

I was reading the FT last week and one headline after another quoted Obama parroting something some Asian leader had told him to say. Fiscal responsibility. Harumph! Where was that in his playbook 6 months ago? How does that sync with the new healthcare plan he advocated (as opposed to the waterier one seeping thru Congress)? How does that sync with these not-so-fiscally-responsible splurges he authorized (to quote my anti-Stimulus blog post from last Feb):

"100 acres of new energy efficiency industrial zones" [in Puerto Rico] is gonna cost us $17 billion. That would be $4,000 a square foot ... or $11 million per job created. Why don't they just hand out shovelfuls of cash to these Caribbean shits? That would probably be cheaper than one of their other requests: $500 million to give solar water heater tanks to rural families. 14 very short-term jobs there (by their own count), so $35 million per job. Apparently the current $2,000 tax credit just isn't enough for these people, even though that's precisely the price of a one-family sized tank. Not that they're the only ones. Miami (city and county) have put in for nearly the same amount, mostly for transportation projects like the "Two hundred million dollar mile" project ($2.4 billion to extend the "Orange Line" east-west transit by 10 miles). By comparison, their pitch for $1.4 billion to expand the same "Orange Line" north-south is a bargain.
It drove me to verse:

Oh Jeez (after reading the first story)
Oh No (after reading the second story)
Oh Shit (after reading the third story)

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