Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Keep Waiting for Somone to Say "Joke"

Oh, those wily Norwegians. They've long been maligned for being low on humor. Boy, they showed us!

What could be funnier than beating the Americans at their own quaint, juvenile (aka American) April holiday? Only better!

Step 1: instead of a marginally-credible joke, go all-out and do something entirely ludicrous.

Step 2: spring the joke on a day that has nothing whatsoever to do with the first of April

Step 3: (this is the kicker!) don't tell anyone it's a joke. In fact, never even break your straight face. Go all the way through with it. Make the announcement. Draw up the certificate. Hold the fancy party. Get Kenny Chesney to sing. Mount some tin on a ribbon and drape it 'round Obama's neck. Let him Cheshire the whole way.

All the while, chortle internally, knowing that everyone on the planet is wondering what the fuck just happened. If the joke comes off just right, you might even teach those happy-go-lucky numb skull fattie Americans a lesson about being world-wise (aka cynical). That would be so funny!

Morn-de-shmorn, dorn-de-born! Bork! Bork! Bork! Ho ho ho! Ja?
(yes, I know this was the Swedish Chef and the Peace Price folks are in Norway, but my blog is funner this way. Get over it.)

At least I prefer to believe that's what's going on. The alternative disappoints even a cynic like me. The performance this week was truly epic, and to everyone's epic detriment.

Perhaps we should have known they had joined the uselessly political ranks of the UN and Congress when they gave their peace medal to two terrorists and a philanderer. Twice.

Out of 6,787,570,618 people on the planet, these Swedish Chefs couldn't find a single one more deserving?

For shame, political people.

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