Monday, August 24, 2009

What Will Tomorrow Bring: Moving Magazines

Right out of the pages of Popular Science: Entertainment Weekly will pilot embedded video screens in some of its magazines next month.

Sadly, its only for ads not articles right now, but hey - somebody's gotta pay for it ... might as well be those evil corporate world dominators over at Pepsi. Too bad we haven't nationalized the magazine industry yet ... I'm sure Barney Frank coulda seen to it that such essential live-giving technology would be used for more worthy causes like subliminally convincing inner-city youth to save less and consume more ... in the name of national progress, of course.

Oops ... did I go politico again? Damnit, I keep doing that.

Photo Credit: Caroline McCarthy/CNET


hmr said...

I heard about this magazine/video business on NPR the other day (I know, I know -- the "liberal media"). It scares me. A lot.

NBW said...

NPR is MY kinda liberal media!!