Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Corporate Newspeak 6: 1984 Edition

Perhaps the clearest and most awful example of corporate culture dumbing down communication (hence the term Newspeak) is this set:

The What: (n) The topic or scope of discussion.

The When: (n) The date range or schedule.

The How: (n) The method.

Usage: "Ok, so we're talking about the potential re-assessment of our medium-term FY11 strategy around the proposed strategy for our 300's. Buying planes... that's the what. 2011, high level, is the when. Let's move on to the how, okay? That's where I'm still murky and I wanna make sure we reach out to the right groups to leverage our enterprise-level past learnings around procurement terms."

I find it painfully sad that most corporate animals operate with so little mental exertion in an arena so unnecessarily complex that they find it necessary to use explicitly call everyone's attention to the fact that a date range is "the when" things happen.

Are the REAL English terms so difficult?

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