Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Shout Out: Bailing out the Piano Industry

I couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't. One of my favorite bloggers, Jeffery Tucker over at the Mises Institute places our current, and beloved, federal decision-making in all it's ridiculous splendor in his recent post "The End of the US Piano Industry" I highly recommend reading it.

He even goes out on a limb enough to suggest that we must comply with ... ugh, don't say it ... [cringe, eek] ... reality.

Economics demands forward motion, a conforming to the facts on the ground and a relentless and realistic assessment of the relationship between cost and price, supply and demand. We must learn to love these forces in society because they are the only things that keep rationality alive in the way we use resources. Without them, there would be nothing but waste and chaos, and eventual starvation and death. We simply cannot live outside economic reality.
Here here, Jeff. Well done.

Mark Perry quoted the article on his (also awesome) blog. One recent comment starts "You gotta love the Austrians [Nik: the economists, not the citizens]. They make complex things look very simple..." Sadly the commenter then runs right off the rails, saying "They do this by avoiding the truly complex questions." he then goes on to rant about issues which, to be generous, I'll call tangentially related. So to Machiavelli1999 I say this: "Sometimes simple really is enough. Dumbass."

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hmr said...

Oh, yes. Like that big dummy Ludwig Wittgenstein.

(couldn't resist the L.A. Story shout out)