Monday, November 17, 2008

Yeah, What He Said ... Friedman Edition

Thomas Friedman nailed our auto-industry bailout to the wall on Meet the Press yesterday:

"I see no plan, no reason to suggest that these people who drove this industry into complete ditch havea plan to get it out in the long term and not come back in 6 months for another $25 billion ... what was Detroit's plan two years ago? ... It was to subsidize gasoline at $1.99 a gallon ... that was their idea of innovation ... it was like a crack dealer offering subsidized crack rather than going to a clinic to get off the drug. And who was the enabler of that? It was the Carl Levins, all of the Michigan delgation ... where was their outrage two years ago about getting them to be more innovative, getting them on top of the energy-efficiency question. They have been enabling the destruction of this industry ... so show me a plan, show me a plan that says if we give you the $25 billion, you're actually going to change. Remember, we're going to charge that $25 billion on our kids' Visa cards ..."

BTW, Michigan, the auto industry, and crack seem to be frequent bedfellows. Check out this article from July. Silly people, get with it. Michigan is a meth state these days!

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