Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yeah, What HE Said!

I'm sure some days Alan Greenspan misses his job as Chairman of the Fed. Other days he certainly doesn't. But either way, how could he not be frustrated by the recent ridiculous gyrations of our federal money folks in the Fed, Treasury, and financial regulators.

Monday he spoke:

The economic edifice – market capitalism – that has fostered this expansion is now being pilloried for the pause and partial retrenchment. The cause of our economic despair, however, is human nature’s propensity to sway from fear to euphoria and back, a condition that no economic paradigm has proved capable of suppressing without severe hardship. Regulation, the alleged effective solution to today’s crisis, has never been able to eliminate history’s crises...

The remarkably strong performance of the world economy since the near universal adoption of market capitalism is testament to the benefits of increasing economic flexibility...

It has become hard for democratic societies accustomed to prosperity to see it as anything other than the result of their deft political management. In reality, the past decade has seen mounting global forces (the international version of Adam Smith’s invisible hand) quietly displacing government control of economic affairs...

The danger is that some governments, bedevilled by emerging inflationary forces, will endeavour to reassert their grip on economic affairs. If that becomes widespread, globalisation could reverse – at awesome cost.
- Editorial in the Financial Times, 8/4/08

Yeah. What he said.

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