Monday, April 21, 2008

Corporate Newspeak 3

A Long Road: (n) A lengthy sequence of bad decisions and mistakes (usu. by the speaker) which could likely have been avoided with some forethought.

Gave It His/Her/Their All: (v) Tried to fix one's own mistakes and failed

Worked Hard: (v) Finally took the time to fix one's own mistakes

Put in Long Hours: (v) See Worked Hard

Ran 24/7: (v) See Worked Hard

Gave 110%: (v) See Worked Hard

We: (n) You (when referring to blame or work to be done)
Usage: "We should investigate who to blame on this one."

Also: I (when referring to opinions or mistakes)
Usage: "So, we're saying that we didn't fully think this through."

Also: Everyone but me (when referring to hard work)
Usage: "Oh boy, we put in long hours and worked weekends to deliver!"

Went Above and Beyond: (v) Took the time to fix someone else's mistakes
Usage: "It was a long road, but we did it. We gave it our all; Suzie and Terence gave 110% over the weekend; Thanks to Gerald for going above and beyond to bring us in on time."

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