Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poor Hill

Poor lil' Hill - always a step behind.

  • She opposed the Iraq invasion at a time when it was wildly popular among Americans.
  • She voted for the war just in time for it to turn sour.
  • She opposed the surge just in time for it to work (saying the initial reports of success
    "require the willing suspension of disbelief")

Today she says "there is no american military solution." By that litmus test, I assume she would have voted against US involvement in both world wars. They both were far more difficult undertakings than our current one. Thankfully, our leaders back then had back bone. Schlechte Ahnung, Frau Clinton. Wo wuerden wir Heute stehen? Hoffentlich, wuerde Deutschland America nicht gestoert haben, aber wuerden wir noch England haben? Italien? Jueden?

That most of us need not speak enough German to understand the above is a testament to the success of our past military (alongside diplomatic and economic) engagements. The notion that we should surrender at the first sign of resistance or adversity appears to be a prevailing underpin of her choices across issues. It's clearly the strategy she has used to formulate her own congressional votes.

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