Saturday, November 10, 2007

Intra-govt competition

States' rights are a good thing. Its one of those rare cases where parts of the US governmental behemouth actually engage in competition. I dig it so much so that I might suggest taking it further. Let states in on the work currently reserved for the federal government. The Feds say that only THEY have the expertice and resources to handle those things (airport regulation, for example). Okay, prove it with some good ole competition from the states. Let's see who really comes up with the best, most workable and most efficient ideas.

To borrow a Huckabee quote, "states should be the laboratories of good government"

Which, of course, he paraphrased from Reagan. The original was, "I will ... restore to States and local governments their roles as dynamic laboratories of change in a creative society."

Oh, what if, the Feds will say ... what if the states actually come up with some good stuff? What if people notice and start moving powers from the national to the state level? How would they keep up? Fear not, Feds, I will give you the secret ... Create competition within yourself. Create competing agencies within the Fed which must fund themselves by competing for work. Intentionally or not, many larger corporations (and small businesses such as real estate brokers) do this profitably.

How could a libertarian such as myself suggest MORE governmental agencies? Go ahead, call me a Dubya in Reagan clothing for doubling the size of government. Then watch as competition pushes productivity from its current Soviet levels to something more resembling what we stand for.

Who to fight the expense of overlap? Should the best eventually run the other one out of business?

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